Peaks 6 Recap – Card Tricks & Paper Piecing

Peaks, quilt, retreat, paper piecing
Peaks, quilt, retreat
Late afternoon at Peaks
Yet again, Patchwork in the Peaks was so much fun! Grab yourself a tall latte because it’s going to take some time to go through these pictures. 🙂 There were some challenges and some “whip-it-up-quick-like” and everything in between.  We returned to Chalet 4 Vents for a second time and with a little tweaking, we used the space even better than before. This time we left the dining tables downstairs in the lounge and had the whole of the upstairs room to quilt.
Peaks, quilt, retreat
Calm before the storm (photo by Karen Ackva)
We had the most beautiful weather this time, with every lunch eaten outside on the terrace, and sunshine brightening the whole sewing room all day. Peaks, quilt, retreatYes, a bit too bright for that last hour or so of each day as the sun went down over the mountain peaks, but no complaints. 🙂   With 12 attendees plus a new blogger, my mum, Gina & I, we were 16 strong in that wonderful room and I’d say we got a lot done! Day 1 saw us setting up the room a little differently than before and everyone enjoyed the new layout. Next time will be even more improved!
Peaks, quilt, retreat
New layout – getting started (photo by Karen Ackva)
      We had a couple of late arrivals, some new friends come from Zurich & Germany and hugs all around for returning Peaksters.  A little bit of settling in and it wasn’t long before dinner was served.   After a luscious dinner, we moved right into Show & Tell. What beauties everyone brought!  
Peaks, quilt, retreat, baskets
Miss B’s baskets
Peaks, quilt, retreat
Miss P’s improv strippy quilt
Peaks, quilt, retreat, patchwork bear
Miss L & Tinky
Peaks, quilt, retreat, feather quilting, Delectable mountain pattern
Miss L & the Blue Peaks Feathers
Peaks, quilt, retreats, half square triangle
Miss L’s HST quilt
Peaks, quilt, retreat
Miss H’s Bee quilt
Peaks, retreat, quilt
Miss HH & her petals
Peaks, quilt, retreat, string quilt
Miss H’s string quilt
Peaks, retreat, quilt
Mum & her dresden plates, cut by me 20 years ago! 😀
Peaks, retreat, quilt, pineapple quilt
Miss R’s pineapple quilt
Peaks, quilt, retreat, wonky star
Miss F’s wonky star quilt
Peaks, quilt, retreat, sampler
Miss C’s blue sampler
Peaks, retreat, quilt, printing on fabric
Me & the Welsh quilt top for Simon’s 50th
  It was a late night for many as we were a bit too excited to sleep.
Peaks, quilt, retreat
Me discussing the block
    Day 2 started with a new project, the Spinning Card Trick Star. It was surely a challenge but there were some lovely results. While I used the pattern to have a good exercise in “Y” seams, it can also be done without using that technique.  The pattern is available on Craftsy HERE!    
Peaks, retreat, quilt
Me demonstrating the cutting
Peaks, quilt, retreat, spinning card trick
The Wall of Fame
The afternoon passed quickly with everyone working on their Card Trick stars and other projects or having nail or massage services. Friday evening, Quilt Fairy Gina lead the group in another tutorial on how to quickly piece 1″ square checkerboard segments. She had used hers to make a lovely quilted mat with pockets to use under the sewing machine. Relieved to have a simple project after the busy morning, most of the ladies dove right into my Scrap Stash with glee abandon. It was an unusually early night for me but some of the others stayed on until the wee hours again.
Peaks, quilt, retreat, sewing machine mat, checkerboard piecing
Miss G’s Mystery Stash Attack Project in use
Peaks, quilt, retreat, 1" square quick piecing
Quilt Fairy Gina, explaining
Peaks, quilt, retreat, scraps
Attacking the Stash
Peaks, quilt, retreat, scraps
Shall we jump in?
Peaks, quilt, retreat, scraps
Miss Karen’s
Peaks, quilt, retreat, scraps
Miss C’s
Peaks, quilt, retreat, scraps
Miss JC’s
Peaks, quilt, retreat, scraps
Miss HH’s
Peaks, quilt, retreat, scraps
Miss R’s
Peaks, quilt, retreat, scraps
Miss S’s
Peaks, quilt, retreat, scraps
Miss F’s
Peaks, quilt, retreat, scraps
Miss L’s
Day 3 gave us a wonderful workshop on paper piecing from our special guest, Karen Ackva, aka Karen-the Blogger.
Peaks, retreat, quilt, paper piecing
Autumn Leaves by Karen Ackva
  There were two Karens on the premises so we had to differentiate. 🙂 Karen’s techniques are all about the easy way to do things (a nice change from the previous day!) and she had created a lovely pattern just for us, called Autumn Leaves at the Peaks. The pattern is now on Craftsy (here) It wasn’t long before lots of leaves were forming, in all different sizes and colour schemes.  
Peaks, retreat, quilt, paper piecing
Miss L’s first leaf!
Peaks, quilt, retreat, paper piecing
Miss Mel (my mum!) & her first paper piecing!
Peaks, retreat, quilt, paper piecing
Miss H is flying through
Peaks, retreat, quilt, paper piecing
Miss R trying out borders
Peaks, retreat, quilt, paper piecing
Miss S’s leaves
Peaks, retreat, quilt, paper piecing
Miss P’s leaf in a placemat
There was time to enjoy the weather on the terrace…
Peaks, retreat, quilt
Having a stitch and a chat
And the hot tub was open & ready for an afternoon dip before dinner.
Peaks, retreat, quilt
A little afternoon dip in the hot tub
After a scrumptious dessert of chocolate croissant bread pudding, I don’t know how we could move but there was the Fat Quarter Dice Swap game. This is supposed to be a friendly game but I must say, there were some cut-throats in that group! 🙂
Peaks, retreat, quilt
Miss H learning the Secret Triangle Fold (more 60°!)
Peaks, retreat, quilt
Waiting for the next roll
Peaks, retreat, quilt
Hungry Quilters watching intently
Peaks, retreat, quilt
Watching the roll of the dice
Peaks, retreat, quilt
Great fun & great fabrics
It was great fun and we all went away with some lovely fat quarters. Back upstairs, more progress was being made on various projects, with a little more wine involved than before. 🙂 Sunday dawned bright again to frenzied sewing. We have to break down the tables before lunch but needed some piccies on the balcony too!When you look at all of those beautiful projects, in various states of finished, you can see these ladies really did make huge progress on so many levels. Beautiful works!! Peaks spread, quilt, retreats Peaks spread, quilt, retreats Peaks spread, quilt, retreats Peaks, quilt, retreat, paper piecing
Peaks, retreat, quilt
Makes from Miss P & Miss L
Our last lunch on the terrace was relaxed. Peaks, retreat, quilt One last look at the beautiful mountains and we’re on our way.
Peaks, retreat, quilt
Last look
NB: Much of these beautiful pictures were taken by Karen Ackva (aka Karen the Blogger). Many thanks for sharing!   I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures of the gorgeous works of art these ladies have created over the weekend. We had loads of fun and are already looking forward to Peaks 7. Hope you’ll come join us!! 🙂      

Peaks 7-dates copy


Patchwork in the PEAKS 7 has two weekends to choose from!


16 – 19 April 2015    (or) 23 – 26 April 2015

4 thoughts on “Peaks 6 Recap – Card Tricks & Paper Piecing

  1. mrsgoodneedle says:

    I’m green with envy! I popped over for this report after reading Miss HH’s blog today. I have read her blog for years and when she showed her fabulous table runner and mentioned YOU I had to follow up. Someday… someday… I would love to attend one of your incredible retreats.

  2. Jeff Rutherford says:

    Some great photos. It looks like you had a wonderful retreat.

    I love the leaf pattern. I’m going to check it out at Craftsy now. I also liked the string quilt and the diamond log cabin!

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