Blur (otherwise known as June) & 3 Qtr FAL

New York Beauty Simplified, Linda Hahn

I have no idea where June went. We had three family birthdays, three friend birthdays, two birthday parties, one attempt at a swimming afternoon,  a graduation, a homecoming, and 4 nights of quilting. Yep, sounds like June. Somewhere in there I was supposed to write a  blogpost about what I managed to finish of my 2nd quarter Finish A Long goals. I could’ve done a one-liner as this was all I finished.

Patchwork in the Peaks 5 Mystery quilt
Mystery Quilt from Peaks 5 – Click to see the highlights

Luckily I did that at the beginning of the quarter. After that, no idea what I think I did. I was busy, for sure. Lots has gone out with not much to show. And I forgot to write the post in time. And SOMEHOW, I’ve gotten 3 more quilts added to my To Do List. I say this like I had no hand in them being put on the list,  conveniently forgetting that I WRITE the list. 🙂 No matter. The 3rd Quarter Goal List holds a bit of sweet, a bit of sadness, and a bit of hope:


The Uni Quilt

My lovely daughter, the eldest, starts university in September. I want to make a quilt, as you do. I thought I had another year but she’s going early. As you do. When pressed for what design she wanted, she chose something simple. Well, the book calls it “Simplified” so it must be, right? We’ll see.

New York Beauty Simplified, Linda Hahn
A “Simplified” New York Beauty from the book by Linda Hahn


I love the colours of the batik fabrics. She might not get it. 😀


George’s Quilt:

George's dog quilt
George – 17 years, 11 months

My furry brother George died earlier this year. A sweet, energetic Terrier mix, he was nearly 18. He’s been the loving companion of my father for 17 years. In tribute, I’m making a quilt for Dad with all of the kerchiefs that George used to wear.  Pattern chosen, kerchiefs in hand, waiting for some photos but I can get started. A bittersweet cuddle but one I know he’ll enjoy.


Euro Siblings Together Quilt:

This will probably be the first one finished (since it has an earlier deadline).

Quilt Euro Siblings Together
Euro Siblings Together – in progress

It’s weird how my design wall looks a bit pink in the photo. It’s a large white flannel sheet from LLBean. Strange. I’ll have the last couple of blocks in hand next week and can get it together for our Euro Siblings Together Quilt Bee. Just in time, I hope, for their late July/early August camps. We’re an offshoot of the Quilts for Siblings Together started by Lynne of Lily’s Quilts.


There might be others that get finished, maybe even some of mine, but realistically, I imagine the lineup will shift again. For now, these are manageable. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Blur (otherwise known as June) & 3 Qtr FAL

  1. Suzy Sparrowe says:

    Hi Elita, ahh, now I have a big lump in my throat about George. But what a fantastic thing to do, to make his quilt and with all those great, but probably very smelly, kerchiefs! I think I must get some of those for my new puppy, phoenix. I look forward to the New York beauty quilt. That is one of those on my bucket list to make! When will it need to be finished beings as she’s going early to Uni? Love Suzy

  2. Linda Hahn says:

    I came across your blog post by total accident! I’d love to hear about your New York Beauty experience and see your finished project. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! – Linda

  3. Karen Ackva says:

    Hi Elita, the Uni Quilt is going to be fantastic! Are you ready for long nights of sewing? 😉 I really like the Euro Sibling quilt. I’ve always wanted to make that block.

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