Sneaky Holidays

4 elf stockings

Like any good, respecting holiday, Christmas has snuck up on me. Again. I’m going to blame the weather. Normally, by early November, we’ve had at least two weeks of cold, rainy, dreary weather, preparing us for the coming winter. There was one year we had a full blown snow storm by Thanksgiving, though snow before December is rare. This type of weather encourages one to snuggle down inside, turn the music up and make a hot chocolate while working on Christmas projects. And it gives me closer to 8 weeks to get prezzies made for Christmas. In the past three weeks, we’ve had a stereotypical Indian Summer, whereby it’s been downright balmy in the evenings and the days sunny and mild. Very peculiar.  Only this past Tuesday did Winter run her icy fingers through my hair, pulling out what little curl I had, reminding me of the time.  So my body clock is off and I’m starting late. Excuses aside, best get on with it then I suppose. Here’s what I have in the works for customers:





These are Elf Christmas stockings. I promise no elves were harmed in the procurement of these stockings. A cold foot here or there, maybe…






Leaf & Blue



A Pod pillow that is a particular favourite.  I do love doing the accent stitching along the base strip with Aurifil 40wt. It is used to hold a portable phone or a tablet. I put mine on my bedside table.











Teddy has gotten into my scrunchies. Again. She thinks they are bangles.






2013-03-13 01.42.32



And I want to do this long-overdue bit of Irish on my longarm before Christmas too. It will have a warm, fuzzy backing of black Minkee and will definitely be a sofa quilt that is fought over. I have dibs.




If you’re interested in ordering Elf Stockings, Pod Pillows, or other gifts, click HERE.

When do I sleep, you may ask? You must know that sleep is highly overrated at this time of year. My muse is already tired. 🙂


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