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I don’t always follow directions. This is funny because I am quite happy with order and routine. It makes me feel comfortable. I don’t do it because I want to be difficult. Sometimes I just see a different way, outside of the box, and have a go from a different angle. After seeing this lovely quilt, I decided it would be perfect for a friend who is having a baby. It just needed to be pink.


Books Bound
Made by My Life In Binding – click to see her post


The pattern is from Moda Bake Shop (I love that site!). So I decided to step outside of my comfort zone of colour choices and went totally bold and ordered these beauties from Hawthorne Threads




When I started having a look at the directions for the quilt, I groaned a bit. It’s a nice pattern to use pre-cuts. But I decided to use yardage so it changed how I was going to be cutting it. According to the instructions, I needed 128 strips, 1 inch width, in various lengths. Accck. That gave me flashbacks to another quilt that I did, by the instructions, last summer. I was so aggravated when I finished that quilt top, I am wary of doing it again. I figured out that I needed 18 metres of fabric, in 1″ width. With long strips of extra wide fabric, it went much quicker.

It still took me the better part of 3 hours to cut the fabrics. Accck. But I’m making progress and I’m loving these colours.


Kiran in progress


I hope to have a finish by the end of the week. It’s late here but still Wednesday at Freshly Pieced so I’m linking up there.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Following directions

  1. Ms J says:

    Gorgeous! What lovely colours. As you know, I am useless at following instructions just because I AM difficult. But I’m working on it… Sort of. Anything with 1-inch strips sounds insane, but indeed highly effective. Almost worth having another baby so you’ll make me one! JJ

  2. Ann says:

    Elita, It a lovely beginning. You’re so organized to have photos of even the first steps. I look forward to seeing the top.

  3. Claire aka knitnkwilt says:

    I love your fabric choice. I too use a pattern as a starting point, not an end point. Like a recipe. Cutting is not my favorite part of quiltmaking. Designing, choosing fabric, that is where the fun is. And of course, finishing. But there is all that in between stuff that is necessary. LOL

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